My father my worst enemy ----- episode 2

Episode 2
Two weeks later my mum was given a befitting burial,i nearly cried my eyes out,Bisola on her own part refused to be consoled,i could remember Dad telling her
Dad:your mother is dead,those that want to die would die too,no amount of tears you cry would bring her back…i weakly walked up to Bisola,held her up and said to her 
Me:mum is gone,all we can do now is to make her proud of us by fishing out her killers
Bisola:and how do u intend to do that
Me:stop crying and follow me to my room…she wipe her tears and sluggishly followed me to my room,all this while i refused to notice Yomi presence.we entered my room,i made her lied down till she slept off.
The next day i wokeup,went to greet daddy only to realize he had left for work with yomi,i walked back to my room where Bisola was still fast asleep,i sat down wonderful thing about my family is that the boys were very handsome so was Bisola and my late mum beautiful, Bisola’s call
brought me back to sanity
Me:yes dear
Bisola:i saw mum in my
dream,she kept mentioning we should go to her room,under her bed…i was dumb founded,i had same dream too
Me:what,how come we had same
Bisola:mum is trying to give us a
Me:yea but bisi can u imagin dad
and yomi
had gone to work,no respect for
Bisola:you know dad believes in
the saying
that the dead are dead so the
continue life
Me:no bisi,i suspect dad’s hand
in mummy’s
Bisola:say no such thing,why would u even think of such…i told her a little mum told me before her death and the room of a thing,Bisola was dumbfounded,we stood up and made to my mum’s room and as usual the door was locked,we tried all we could to open it but the door refused opening.we
were disappointed as we went back to my room to await dad’s return
Bisola:what business is dad really
Me:i swear i have no idea,the last
time i
asked mum she said the only
knows dad is a
businessman but the business
she knows
Bisola:and she never bothered to
ask her
husband the kind of business he
is into?
Me:i asked her that and she said
that each
time sheask dad,dad rebuked
Bisola:then i suspect a foul play
Me:from today bisola,we are
strengers in
this house,mention nothing to
dad nor yomi
Bisola:yomi ke,i cant remember
the last time
we talked
Me:better,aint you hungry
Bisola:no am not…i the evening
dad came
back with yomi and bisola
attacked him
with questions
Bisola:dad who died in this
house few days
Dad:what sort of nonsense
question is
that,u cant even greet
Bisola:dad just answer me
Dad:my wife,your mother of
Me:i don’t think so because if she
was you
would have respected that fact
and give her
the mourning she deserves
Bisola:exactly where i was
driving to and
this fool who calls him self my
brother went to their stupid
work with his
stone hearted father
Dad: (yomi made to beat bisola
but dad held
him back) i can see you both had
lost your
manners to your mothers grave
remember the dead is dead and
Bisola:and should be mourned
daddy but
your heartless soul won..a slap
from daddy
landed on her face
Dad:you idiot,you now insult me
in my own
Me:daddy you should be
ashamed of
yourself,your wife di (another
slap caught
my face)
Dad:leave my presence you two
Me:dad we would leave
Bisola:yes we would leave but be
assured that since you refused to
fish out
mum’s killers,i would do that
Dad:yes do that miss inspector
general of
police,now get out of my front
Me:and you yomi,you might be
older than us
by age but i see you are purely
brains(he made to slap me but i
held his
hand)dont try this again in your
life time
okay,with or without your father
present…he withdraw his hand
from mine
and looked at me meanly
Yomi:and we shall see…i left him
and his
dad,took bisola and left.that guy
that calls
him self my brother must be a
fool,if he
wants war the let the war
To be Continued

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