My Father my Worst Enemy ------ episode 3


Episode 3
On getting inside Bisola was so
pissed off
Bisola:am begining to read the
writings on the wall
Me:which wall,cant u see them
on air
Bisola:i swear if da(just then dad
into my room)
Dad:u swear what
Bisola:excuse me,as u can see i
referring to you
Dad:bravo,the child i natured had
grown wings so big that she
wants to fly
more than her father
Me:dad thats every parents
prayer for their
children to be greater than they
Dad: oh shut your trap you
imbecil,so you are the one
springing up this
Me: father of matured imbecil
(another slap
landed on my fine face,i saw like
stars changing colours)
Dad:you fool,you had grown so
big to talk to
me in that manner
Bisola:kill us,kill us so u and your
useless son
yomi would live on(dad raised
his hand to
slap her)yesss slap me,father slap
slap me,is
it not slap,oya see my face slap
Dad:you no what,i don’t think
you both are
my blood
Bisola:which blood! Blood full of
secrets and
evil mind(taahhhh there gose
another slap
on bisola’s face,she fell to the
bed holding
her face)
Dad:from today,i disown the
both of you
Me:hahahaha,i disowned you as
a father the
very day my mother die
Bisola: (still on the bed) and me i
disowned you tay tay(i turned
and looked at
her,o boi see my fine sister face
don red
pass red oil,i almost burst out
laughter,na wic kind slap war be
dis na)
Dad:both of you will hear from
me…he left
my room.i bursted out laughing
Bisola:why are you laughing
Me:babe your face don red o
pass palm oil
Bisola:your face nkor,look at it at
the mirror
now(i turned and looked at the
beside my bed,o boi my own red
pass bisi
own o)
Bisola:so stop laughing and lets
think and
plan together because this man
throw us out soon
Me: (jokingly)oya make we go
beg na
Bisola: over my dead body
Me: (still joking) if dad should
throw us out
hunger would kill us o and u
know we aint
use to it so lets go beg him o
Bisola:na true o,if ah hear,am not
that heartless father of mine for
anything in
the world
Me:correct babe.
That night,from my sleep i could
hear noise
in mum’s room because her
room was close
to mine,i woke up,waking Bisola
Me:can you hear the noise
Bisola:yes are you sure our
house is not
being robbed?
Me:no,that noise is coming from
room(bisola stood up as if
Bisola:am going right in there
Me:relax,am sure it dad looking
something in there
Bisola:lets go in there before it
too late…we
tip toe to the room’s door and
behold it was
dad and yomi,they had turned
mum’s room
upside down
Bisola:dad,yomi what are you
both doing in
mum’s room by this time of the
Dad: (i could see how shocked
himself and
yomi were,he managed to
defend his
self)jamb question in my own
Me: (but i gave him no
chance)dad answer
that jamb question now or it
would be
rough in this room in the next
minute and
you yomi talk now?
Dad: (a little afraid,so he
stammered,i guess
he had never seen me look this
have you
seen it?
Yomi:no dad
Me:seen what?
Dad:my passport
Bisola:dad,let it not be what am
Dad:what are you suspecting?
Bisola:dad with all due respect,do
you and
yomi have a hand in mum’s
stroke the room as everyone’s
eye moved
from one person to the other.
To be Continued

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